Horse Breeding and Horse Health Care Tools for Success and Safety

Years of working in the field of horse breeding, horse health, and horse care has proven to be an invaluable learning tool. Determining successful and safe methods of daily horse care is the result of hands on experience and working with many great horse veterinarians and mentors.

Horses are excellent teachers and if we pay attention there are countless lessons to learn. Their individual personalities, good, bad, or indifferent will always challenge us to keep up with them mentally and physically. Rarely is there just one solution for any single situation. The constant need to be mindful, studious, and inventive keeps us in school every day.

The physicality that is necessary to work with these powerful animals is another, often, unrecognized requirement. As with many areas of life, there can be potentially dangerous situations or individuals. Working with any horse breed in a manner that is logical, while applying skills learned from previous achievements and mistakes, will help to avoid human or horse injury.

Awareness of subtle or dramatic changes in your breeding stallion, breeding mares, baby horses, or geldings, or their surroundings should become second nature to anyone involved in a horse care program.

Horse mating and daily horse care will be much more successful and much less stressful if planning and organization are implemented. Always think through each event from beginning to end. Planning what you want to accomplish, at the same time anticipating any problems that may arise. The number of horses involved will dictate the approach taken to provide and maintain their best horse health and well being.

This site is full of horse health and safety information that I have found to be effective and productive. I hope that you will find useful horse care advice to assist you in your safe and successful horse breeding, horse health, and hands on horse care program.

Please revisit this site often to read additional horse news as there is always something to share.

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